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About Eric Wilson

We are leading plastic and aesthetic practice management consultants who feel passionate about helping new, growing, and transitional practices. What makes us stand apart from our peers in practice management consulting is that we have been where you are today.

We have invested our own money in multiple practices and surgery centers that we have both owned and operated. Because these practices focused on elective, self-pay patients, we are uniquely positioned to assist your practice. We have felt the same pressure and stress that you experience in the daily operation of your practice. We have walked in your shoes and we can help you make the tough decisions easier!

Leading Vision Consulting

IMG_0318Eric Wilson has spent his entire career in areas of intense competition where performance has been the ultimate measurement of success.  Having been an athlete his entire life, he began a coaching career right out of college by working for Brian Kelly (now the head football coach at Notre Dame) at Grand Valley State University.  Eric moved on to become a coordinator at Murray State University and culminated his coaching career with a 4-year stint at The University of South Carolina coaching football in the Southeastern Conference.

After 8 years of collegiate coaching, Eric made a career change into medical sales & management.  During this time, he consistently ranked in the top 5% of sales in 3 different companies until he transitioned to sales training and then medical sales management in order to assist other professionals in reaching their ultimate potential.

In 2004, Eric, along with his partner & wife Laurin, was presented with an opportunity that would bring forth both an enormous challenge and a love for developing aesthetic practices.  While working with Allergan as a consultant, Laurin was approached by a physician owner of a Med Spa looking for assistance in selling her practice.  Together, Eric & Laurin purchased this practice, tripled its’ annual revenue within 24 months, and sold it at 10 times the original purchase price.

Vision Practice Management was formed from this venture and partnered with a physician group to open a plastic surgery practice in Charlotte, NC in early 2007.  This practice was established as a purely aesthetic practice with its own accredited ASC.  While many surgeons saw their aesthetic practices founder during the recession, Vision Practice Management led The Refine Institute to become one of the busiest single surgeon practices in the Southeast.

It wasn’t long before other plastic surgeons began reaching out to see how Eric was achieving such success in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.  Vision Consulting, LLC was born out of this need.  Since then, Eric has consulted with surgeon’s just opening their practices, to large group practices with strong reconstructive business wishing to improve their aesthetic practice, to established solo surgeon’s who have hit a plateau in their practice.

Regardless of the structure of the practice, Eric’s focus is on what he refers to as the “blocking & tackling” of aesthetic practice management.

“My philosophy focuses on strategic marketing & lead management, a superior patient experience, & excellent clinical care.  These 3 skills must be attended to in every aspect of the practice and the staff must understand the mission of the practice in order to deliver this to the patient on a consistent basis.”

If you are interested in learning more about Vision Consulting and how they can assist you with in growing or improving your aesthetic practice click here to contact us and learn more.