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New Patient Acquisition

New patients are the bread and butter of any practice, especially new practices. In today’s economy, however, you may be asking yourself how you can grow your practice amidst a decrease in demand or increase in competition. Many plastic surgery and other elective practices pursue new patients through discounts, specials, and other price-reducing strategies. While these approaches may solve the problem in the short term, you should also consider the effects on your reputation, likelihood of repeat patients, and future growth.

Economy-Driven Patient Acquisition

Projections show that Baby Boomers control over 70% of all disposable income in the United States over the next five years. They are also in line for inheritances equating to trillions of dollars. Fortunately for your practice, this market segment is also the most motivated when it comes to retaining their youthful and healthy appearances. Targeting this group, however, is not common among plastic surgery, aesthetic, and other elective practices like yours. The reason is that traditionally, younger patients between 30 to 50 years old were more likely to seek self-pay, elective procedures. This group, however, has suffered the greatest financial setbacks in recent years.

So why is your practice not attracting the Baby Boomers? Your website and marketing materials may be the answer. If you showcase the results of your products and services by using the perfect bodies and faces of 20-somethings, you are less likely to attract the people who have the finances and motivation to come to your practice.

These are just some of the insights that Vision Consulting brings to the table to grow your practice. By having an intimate understanding of the economic dynamics of aesthetic and elective procedures, we are able to pinpoint exactly how your practice can grow in any economic environment.

Customer Service Is Key

With the demand for aesthetic services flat, and competition on the rise, people have ample choices for their self-pay, elective procedures. Even in today’s technological, fast-paced world, customer service is still a key component of attracting and engaging new patients. Vision Consulting helps you avoid the most common customer service mistakes in the process of new patient acquisition. We evaluate the skills and knowledge of scheduling and front desk staff. We train your employees how to effectively answer questions and concerns in ways that entice new patients rather than push them to your competitors. Vision Consulting also builds employee engagement that enhances your new patient acquisition strategies.